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Press Release



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LTTE recruitment and Use of Children- A Response to HRW

"Sri Lanka and Canada:Expanding Friendships"- A Response

Deportation of M.K.Eelaventhan undemocratic

WTCWA condemns the illegitimate and unjust war against Iraq

Thamil Nationalist Leaders Should Unite To Get Rid Of Ms Jayalalithaa’s Fascist Dictatorship

Eelamurasu Appeal For Funds

Threat to Peace Process

WTCWA condemns arrest of Thiru Vaiko

Renunciation of Violence, Terrorism and Separation” by LTTE

Don't Compound Past Mistake

Canada should review its foreign policy perspectives

Arrest of Thivyan is a premeditated act of the Sinhala army

WTCWA condemns arrest of Thiru Nedumaran