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Press Release

January 28, 2003



Thamil Nationalist Leaders Should Unite To Get Rid Of Ms Jayalalithaa’s Fascist Dictatorship


The acquittal of Pazha Nedumaran, Organizer of Thamil Thesiya Iyakkam by the judicial Magistrate, Thiruchenthur has once again exposed the democratic pretensions of Chief Minister Ms.Jayalalithaa. Thiru Pazha Nedumaran was acquitted in a case relating to his alleged "pro-LTTE" remarks during a meeting in the town on June 26, 1992." The First Information Report was filed in 1994 and the charge sheet in 1997.

Ms.Jayalalithaa, a Kannada Ayankaar woman who came to Thamil Nadu to make a living by acting in celluloid films, by acting irresponsibly and whimsically has brought disrepute to the post of Chief Minister of a state. She has lost no opportunity to display her hatred of Thamil language and culture. A megalomaniac by temperament she has earned notoriety as a vindictive, ego-driven, intolerant, corrupt, superstitious and whimsical politician.

It will be recalled that as soon as Ms.Jayalalithaa came back to power in May 2001, she got Thiru. M. Karunanidhi, former Chief Minister of Thamil Nadu arrested at dead of night by a posse of top Policemen. The Police at the bidding of Ms.Jayalalithaa handled the 76 years old and four times Chief Minister of Thamil Nadu very roughly.  Later Thiru M. Karunanidhi was locked up in the same jail and in the same cell where Ms.Jayalalithaa was kept imprisoned by the court on corruption charges during DMK rule.

Ms.Jayalalithaa since assuming office has arrested and thrown into prison all those who voiced verbal and moral support for the Liberation Tigers of Thamil Eelam and people of Thamil Eelam. Leaders like Defence Minister George Fernandez; Arun Jaitley, former Law Minister, and M. Venkaiah Naidu, President of Bharathiya Janatha Party have said that the arrest of Thiru Vaiko, General Secretary of MDMK under the PODA is politically motivated and a clear case of misuse of the law. So is the arrest and incarceration of Thiru Pazha Nedumaran under PODA by her. 

Ms.Jayalalithaa has also foisted false cases against Thiru Vaiko and Thiru Pazha Nedumaran by digging the past. Freedom of the press and freedom of speech now face grave threat under Ms.Jayalalithaa dispensation.  

Two days ago, Ms.Jayalalithaa jettisoned the tradition of reading the Governor's speech in Tamil in the Assembly “to save time.” This omission reveals the pathological hatred and the callous disregard she has for the Thamil language. The spineless and slavish AIADMK MLAs who practice sycophancy as a fine art to glorify  ‘Amma’ as re-incarnation of Annai Parasakthi  remained deaf and dumb at the glaring insult meted out to Thamil. It is insulting to the extreme to every self-respecting Thamil when these MLAs are seen falling prostrated at her feet and worshipping her.

Thiru Pazha Nedumaran is 69 years old and is in poor health. He underwent by-pass surgery for heart condition a few years back. Notwithstanding his health condition, he was dragged to Thiruchchendur magistrate court no less than 17 times from Cuddalore prison where he is being lodged under PODA. The distance between Thiruchchendur and Cudaloor is more than 250 km. Both Thiru Vaiko Thiru Pazha Nedumaran are dragged frequently night and day in cases before Thindukkal, Thiruchchi, Mailaduthurai and Poonthamalli (PODA) courts.

Ms.Jayalalithaa regime has all the hallmarks of a fascist dictatorship under the cloak of democracy. She has alienated every sector of the public that includes farmers, workers and weavers.  She is also mis-using a pliable and backboneless police to settle political scores against her opponents. The line-up of sacked Ministers in Tamil Nadu has created a record of sorts. As many as 21 Ministers were unceremoniously sent home by her in the first 18 months.

Top IPS and IAS officers have been sent from pillar to post on transfers for whimsical reasons. The farmers of Thanjai delta are eating rats because of her bungling of Cauvery water issue. Up to fourteen farmers have either committed suicide or died of shock on seeing the dying crops for lack of water. 

We have no hope Ms. Jeyalalithaa will mend her ways. She is beyond redemption. We, therefore, appeal to all the Thamil nationalist leaders to join hands to get rid of Ms Jayalalithaa’s fascist dictatorship democratically. Right now enemies of Thamil nationalism are exploiting the disunity prevailing within the Thamil nationalist camp to capture and retain power. Leaders of Dravidian parties like the DMK, MDMK, PMK, Dalit Panthers of India (DPI) and Puthiya Thamizhakam should sink petty differences and unite under a common political programme. Unity is the crying need of the hour to redeem the lost self-respect of the Thamil people.    




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