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March 18, 2003
Press Release
WTCWA condemns the illegitimate and unjust war against Iraq
We condemn in the strongest possible terms the military attack against Iraq by British and US military forces.  This war is illegitimate, immoral and unjust. In launching the war President Bush has simply thumbed his nose against the UNO and the international community. Obviously sanity has taken temporary leave of two world leaders viz  George Bush and Tony  Blair.
It is mid-March madness to claim that Saddam Hussein  poses a threat to the security of a super power like US or any other country.     After a decade old economic blockade and continued bombing by US and British planes, Saddam Hussein is on his knees.
The war against Iraq is just a ploy to lay hands on the oil reserves of Iraq after installing a pro-American puppet regime.  The whole world knows this fact. Only Bush and Blair have buried their heads in the sand and pretend not seeing or  listening.
First Bush claimed that Iraq should destroy all its WMD. Then he insisted on a  “regime change.” Then he claimed Saddam Hussein should go on exile. It is just a case of inventing excuses after excuses to attack Iraq by hook or by crook. No body will be fooled by  his  incredibly naive arguments. 
Bush says he is attacking Iraq because the latter failed to comply with numerous resolutions passed by the UN. But the same Bush has conveniently by-passed the Security Council when he found he cannot muster majority support to his own resolution.   Now Collin Powell is speaking about “the coalition of the willing.” It is a classic example of how Bush was shifting the goal post to his convenience!
We salute the millions of peace loving people around the world, which included Americans, who protested against an unjust and immoral war against a weak Iraq.
We congratulate the Prime Minister Chretien for dis-associating Canada with a war that has no legitimacy. He has proved himself a democrat by bowing down to the overwhelming public opinion that totally opposed the war.   We commend all Members of Parliament who raised their voices against the war  displaying rare courage.
 We also commend countries like France, Germany and Russia for their principled stand against the war that lacked UN sanction.   
We condemn those countries like Britain, Spain, Italy, and Australia who supported the evil war. Especially Turkey, which for 26 billion dollars sold its birthrights and allowed US military bases on its soil. 
British support to the American led war is despicable. Tony Blair proved one point. Blood is thicker than water and that colonialism and imperialism die-hard.

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