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July 24, 2004


Press Release  

Deportation of M.K.Eelaventhan, MP undemocratic

We condemn Indian government  refusal to allow entry at Chennai International Airport to M.K.Eelaventhan, MP who was on his way to attend the 2nd  Thamil National Conference held in Bangalore. 

The refusal is ill-advised, undemocratic, uncivilized and an infringement of protocols governing free movement of Members of Parliament within SAARC countries. 

It is a known fact Eelaventhan is a high-profile Thamil nationalist who has devoted the best part of his life in articulating the aspirations of   Thamil people.    

In December 2000, he was deported to Sri Lanka accused of pro-LTTE sympathy by the then Home Minister L.K.Advani.


It was Advani who remained unrepentant  and unsympathetic when  POTA was used by Ms Jayalalithaa to jail Vaiko. The pledge that the Centre will not allow the mis-use of POTA to wreck vengeance against political opponents was observed largely on the breach.


We are convinced that those bureaucrats who dictate foreign policy in Delhi are known enemies of Thamil people’s aspirations.  Irrespective of which party comes to power, these bureaucrats shape Delhi’s politics.    


Both the BJP and the Indian Congress seek the help of Dravidian parties like the DMK, PMK and MDMK to form coalition governments at the centre. They do so by dangling a few portfolios, but once installed in power they pursue policies that undermine Thamil nationalism. 


The appointment of JN Dixit who once bragged that the Indian army would disarm LTTE cadres before he could finish smoking his pipe, to the powerful bureaucratic post of defence advisor to the Prime Minister is not a good omen.  Dixit is the architect of the myth that 'The LTTE's insistence on the creation of a separate Tamil state would have far-reaching negative implications for India's unity.' (Assignment Colombo)


Even recently as April 2002, he was   pedalling the bogey that “The return of normalcy and stability in Sri Lanka is of deep interest to India, in terms of both India’s security and internal unity (in the context of the emotional links between Tamil citizens of India in Tamil Nadu and the Tamils in Sri Lanka).  He has also warned “ the process should not legitimize terrorism and leaders of terrorist groups.” (The Indian Express- April 14, 2002)


The urge to sign a Defence Coorporation Agreement with the Sri Lankan government is another pointer which way the wind is blowing in Delhi.   


Under this agreement that will be inked very soon, India will supply the Sri Lankan armed forces off-shore patrol vessels, Chetak helicopters, air defence guns, rocket launchers, artillery shells, 7.62 mm ammunition, Tata trucks, buses and jeeps. ( – July 26,2004)   


It is small wonder that  UPFA ministers are already  crowing over the goodies offered under the proposed defence agreement and covering themselves with glory.   


The Indian government cannot feign ignorance  against whom the lethal military hardware will be used. Since the island state has no known external enemies, it goes without saying that like in the past it will be used against the Thamil people.  


Eelaventhan is not an enemy of India. Bound by language, cultural and religious  ties, he considers himself a friend of India. His two daughters are married to Indian nationals.      


The humiliation suffered by Eelaventhan is not something personal to him.  It a supreme affront to the entire Thamil people around the globe.  This political and diplomatic fiasco shows a lack of appreciation of ground realities by the Congress government.     



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